Kia ora loves!

My name is Shanice and I am the owner of “ALWAY$ HUNGRY”. I am a self-taught and have learnt everything that I know, on my own. No foundation, no mentor, no degree or diploma, no financial support. Just me, Google & Youtube (and the occasional mental breakdown 🥴😂)

Because of this, I’m an advocate for doing what you love and always striving for more. Whatever the goal, I believe that everyone has the potential to succeed in whatever that may be (as cliche as that sounds, its true!)

If you knew me in high school, you would know that I wasn’t a high achiever at aaaaaall. I was constantly distracting myself (listening to music, painting my nails, sleeping in class etc) and could never focus on what was being taught. As I got older, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be, but I always knew that I could never settle for the typical 9-5 life.

Over the years, I slowly chipped away at things that interested me, things that I gravitated towards and found that it always led back to fashion. I tried making clothes from scratch - didn’t like that. I tried making pretty lace bra’s - liked that but took too long. I tried making chokers and jewellery - loved this but still didn’t feel fulfilled with what I was doing. Until one day, my partner suggested printing our own designs on blank t-shirts. 

My partner does music, so at the beginning we would design all his merchandise and pay to get all our printing done by someone else. This was a cost we decided we could cut by learning how to do it all ourselves. After doing our own research, we found where to buy the machines that we needed then would learn to print/apply our designs to these items. Through this, I quickly became in love with the process and decided that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to start my own brand and started to learn everything that I needed to.

This being developing the website, learning Photoshop, finding a wholesale supplier, managing the social media, creating Instagram filters, marketing/analytics and more. 

The name “ALWAY$ HUNGRY” represents everything that I have been through to develop the brand from the ground up. But also, recognising that this is a story/brand that a lot of people can relate to. My vision for ALWAY$ HUNGRY is to empower my peers to always strive for more and to never give up on yourself. No matter how difficult your current situation may be, there is always room for growth.



Ngā mihi nui,
Shanice xx